Philadephia Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers 2019

When a multi-vehicle accident claim is litigated, the many victims, lawyers and insurance companies complicate multi-vehicle accident litigation. Multi-vehicle accidents also require extensive accident reconstruction experts. If you have been in a car accident involving multiple vehicles and multiple injuries, you need a multi-vehicle accident expert.

Numerous Victims, Lawyers and Insurance Companies Complicate Multi-Vehicle Accidents

In multi-vehicle accidents, each injured party involved is represented by his/her own lawyer, both defense and plaintiffs. Some lawyers align themselves with others. If the accident involves tractor-trailer trucks, trucking industry defense lawyers enter the arena. These are highly experienced and skilled trial lawyers. Multi-vehicle accidents can be very complicated cases to litigate.

Determining Fault in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Determining fault in multi-vehicle accidents can be a daunting task. Multi-Vehicle Accidents always begin with an investigation to determine who started the chain reaction pile-up and why. After the determination is made with respect to how the pile-up first started, the car accidents and truck accidents are each separately analyzed and considered sub-accidents of the initial cause. Although the car in front is still the main cause of the accident, every individual car and truck involved in the accident is analyzed for its’ own actions and contribution to the pile-up.

We are experts in handling complicated multi-vehicle accidents.

Navigating the complicated chess match of litigation involved in multi-vehicle accidents is a unique area of expertise in which very few attorneys are skilled. Catastrophic and fatal injuries often result, especially if the accident occurs on a highway and truck accidents and tractor-trailers are involved. It is imporant to have a lawyer who is skilled in this type of litigation.

John Fox has 25 years of experience handling Multi-Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Litigation, and Trials.

John Fox is unique in his defense background and experience as outside counsel for a Philadelphia Fortune 500 Company as well as outside counsel for Insurance Companies.  For over 20 years, John Fox was retained as outside counsel, to litigate and defend catastrophic accidents including numerous multi-vehicle truck accidents.  John Fox has vast knowledge of how multi-vehicle accidents are reconstructed, litigated, and defended.

No case is too big or too small for an evaluation.  Fox Law welcomes the opportunity to represent you. Call us today for a prompt and free consultation regarding your personal injury case.  During your consultation, your case will be discussed and the facts will be reviewed and evaluated.

If Fox Law accepts your case, it will be handled on acontingency fee, which means you pay nothing out-of-pocket. We carry all of the costs and assume all of the risks when we accept your personal injury claim.

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